despre escaladarea angajamentului

Mai bine-ar fi dacă oamenii și-ar purta crucile-n spate decît la gît.


If God exists and you believe in him- you go to heaven. If you believe in him but he is no more than the main character of the #1 bestseller – you have yourself a socially acceptable imaginary friend. Matter of fact, you’re sharing this imaginary friend with millions of other people. (A friend to all is a friend to none?)

Creștinii s-au autoproclamat noua rasă supremă, spune Женя. I can’t help but agree.

(Iar) religia devine ca și covoru’ lu’ bunica- Zestre.

We’re so biased that even if we’d become religious we’d go for Christianity. We wouldn’t be considering other religions.

You can only be sick with something if this condition is available (?) And Christianity is the only condition available in our homogeneous society.

Un timp, gay’ii nu știau că sunt gay pentru că nu știau că pot fi gay. Because it wasn’t an available condition. Does that mean they weren’t gay or that they couldn’t be gay?

Și chiar dacă m-aș gîndi să mă răzgîndesc, nu aș deveni religioasă pentru că am investit deja atîta timp și efort în agnosticismul meu. I would be lacking integrity if I went back on my word. And we all know God doesn’t like that.

Maybe you'd like a table for one?
Maybe you’d like a table for one?

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