about the scientist

Scientists are like that – they can land a man on the moon, but they can’t talk to a girl. – Paul


Ne plimbam în tăcere. Nu mă deranja liniștea, but I was curious to find out whether it bothered him.

– Not at all. Not talking isn’t necessarily bad. Besides, people should say things only if it brings something new and useful to the conversation.

Ah, yes. Efficiency – the holy grail of scientists.

I took the advice and bonded with him over a 20 minute discussion on the evolution of light bulbs.

The problem is that people and relationships are everything but rational, practical, or efficient.

I tried explaining that.

– You know, people don’t really mean the things they say.

– Well, why not?

– …

Smart. And equally annoying.

I left the conversation thinking:

How does he always know to ask the right question?


Would I ever be able to love a scientist to the moon and back?




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