despre bani

Rich people buy what they want, poor people buy what’s expensive.


– There’s the Hennessy. It’s the most expensive bottle in the bar. I don’t mean to stereotype, but you’ll notice that only black people order it, marturisise Suzi aplecînd capul mai aproape de urechea mea. And right she was.

There’s something about oppressed cultures and their desire to prove the opposite by purchasing expensive things, răscoleam eu prin reminiscențe în timp ce-mi scuturam pantalonii stropiți de бяка de pe stradă. Mulțumesc domnule șofer de Range Rover Evoque. Выделился, бля. Cred că atunci cînd erai la grădiniță făceai parte din categoria copiilor care colorau peste linie.

La noi, почему-то, banii nu sunt means to an end, and the ultimate life goal e invidia vecinului.

Even so, there are a couple of things I’ve learned about money in the last couple of years:

1. Денег никогда не будет достаточно. I know you’ve heard this before, dar în mare parte asta înseamnă să nu trăiești cu curu’ pe bani. Un sfat pentru cei care agonisesc obsesiv.

2. An increase in income reduces dissatisfaction, but doesn’t increase satisfaction.

3. An increase in income doesn’t solve all problems. It only solves financial problems.

4. Even if you can afford the most expensive  food, you won’t buy and cook it unless you have a person with whom to share the experience. Because when we’re alone, we’re perfectly fine with сосиски and бублики.

2 thoughts on “despre bani

  1. genial!!!!
    and in the end you’re like any(body!!!) mozghi inogda meshaiut a tak nichevo, traim cum putem 🙂


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