about testosterone, femininity, and Melatonin

I chased down a Melatonin pill with that morning’s left-over coffee.tumblr_n585haF6rf1qz6f9yo1_r1_500

I was tired enough to do something as nonsensical, but lucid enough to realize I was an idiot for doing it.

The reason why The City never sleeps is because all its residents have insomnia. At least the women do.

The downfall of being a single woman is that most of your time is dedicated to being a man- your own man. Each paid bill, each assembled piece of furniture, each fixed appliance, each unclogged drain, and each refusal of male help turns the heat up on my brain, boiling it in a testosterone soup.

When losing touch with her femininity there’s only one thing a woman can do.

On the following day I put my pink lipstick on, bought myself flowers, and asked a man for help even if I was perfectly capable of getting the job done myself.

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